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March 5th, 2024.

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This class only happens once a year. If you're ready to take your portfolio to the next level, sign up now for more information.

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This class only happens once a year. If you're ready to take your portfolio to the next level, sign up now for more info.

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Are you looking for a push to get to the next stage in your illustration career?

Maybe you're just starting out, or you're a professional illustrator that's ready to add new projects and clients to your portfolio.

Either way, this class is for you.

This is the ultimate guide to creating work that Art Directors want.

Getting Paid to draw is a fun and challenging six-week masterclass in building a portfolio that attracts illustration clients.

It's the same process that Mike Lowery has used to land hundreds of projects with clients for the past 20 years.

Taught by an Illustrator with more than 20 years of experience.

Mike Lowery is a New York Times Best Selling Illustrator and Author who has worked on more than 80 books for kids and adults. He has illustrated projects as diverse as food trucks, temporary tattoos, calendars, activity books, greeting cards, and even ad campaigns. He has led workshops with AIGA, SCBWI and other organizations and taught portfolio development at the Savannah College of Art and Design for many years.

He’s also a top teacher on Skillshare with more than 30,000 students!

Art Directors are Looking for Your Art.

This isn't a random list of project ideas. It's a full course of videos, projects, and live sessions that will help you to identify new illustration markets for your work, target a DREAM CLIENT, and learn how to generate an entire portfolio of art with those clients in mind.

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You don’t have to try to figure it out on your own.

In art school we learned how to draw, paint, and create work. But in all those years I only had ONE class that talked about actually making a living with art! When I graduated I wasn’t prepared at all to send work out to Art Directors, Publishers, Ad agencies and other potential clients. My portfolio was all over the place.

It took years to figure out how to make a portfolio that would attract clients. 

This class makes it easy to build a portfolio from scratch, attract illustration clients, and get you started in a career in Illustration.

Join the 30,000+ students that have taken Mike's classes.

"Mike is one of the reasons that I'm working as a children's book illustrator."

Hannah Li
former student, now full-time freelance illustrator



 Getting Paid To Draw Students receive EXCLUSIVE access to
TWENTY hours of LIVE workshops and video meet-ups!

Here are just a few of our many previous live speakers.

“This course covers so much value for an illustrator at various career stages. It offers a lot of information at the perfect pace so you can absorb it." -Julia E.

Who is this class for?

Artists starting their journey.

You like to draw or paint and are ready to take your work to the next level.

Established Illustrators.

You're stuck and ready to add new work and clients to your portfolio.

Anyone who is ready to try something different.

If you've wanted to figure out how to turn your art into a career, this is for you.

What past students are saying...

Adela Pons

former student, now
Art Director at Peachtree Publishers

"His class helped me land my first book deal and a full time job as an art director."

Josh Thompson

former student, now
children's clothing designer at Carter's

"I would highly recommend taking Mike's class to anyone who is truly serious about challenging themselves, and wants to pursue a career in the art field."

Thomas Burns

former student, illustrator and Prof of Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design

"Mike has a deep knowledge of the illustration industry from surface design, children's books, children's editorial, young adult books and specialty markets such as greeting cards and packaging."

Work from anywhere in the world.


"Mike's class helped me create a concise, focused illustration portfolio that helped me land clients like Reebok, Eventbrite, and Mountain Dew.

I was able to leave my day job.

I've been able to work all over the world from the Amazon rainforest to the beaches in Thailand. I just pack up my drawing stuff and an iPad and go."

Caleb Morris,
former student, now full-time illustrator 



Stop Making These HUGE Mistakes.

If you register early for the course, you'll get Mike's new 20-page eBook, "Top 10 Illustration Portfolio Mistakes," for FREE.

For TWENTY years, Mike has been helping illustrators build working portfolios that attract clients. In this book, he shows you exactly how to fix the top TEN most common mistakes that artists make when building a portfolio.

These easy fixes can help you get paid illustration assignments!

$18 FREE with registration!

The most challenging part of making the class was trying to fit all the interviews, live sessions, drawing nights, and other meet-ups into SIX weeks. So, I decided to extend the class by


That means that in addition to six weeks of videos from me, you’ll also get more than 12 hours of LIVE events to attend. (oh, wait. You’ll also get more than four hours of previously recorded interviews.)


Being a part of a community is THE BEST way to get energized to make new work. Do you need a push to follow through with reaching out to art directors, finishing your website, or updating your portfolio?

Join the class to get access to the members-only Community Center. It's the best way to push yourself to get new work DONE and in the hands of Art Directors looking to commission art.

I learned more about the business of illustration and how to feel comfortable in my style than in all my years of college. Mike is a fantastic instructor who is encouraging and knowledgeable.”

PLUS! Publishing for Creatives | Magazine Illustration | Hand Lettering | Sketchbook Workshops | Photoshop for Illustrators  | AND SO MUCH MORE!

Six EIGHT Awesome Weeks!

Week 1. Illustration & Markets.
Who is looking for your art?

Week 2. Style & Voice.
How to make unique art.

Week 3. Building a Portfolio.
Must-have projects for every Illustrator.

Week 4. The Well-Rounded Illustrator.
+ Active & passive income ideas.

Week 5. Making Connections.
You are a small business!

Week 6. Promote Your Work.
Get your work in front of Art Directors.

Plus! Two bonus weeks of LIVE meet-ups! Show off your work!

The MYTH of the Starving Artist is over.

You're allowed to make a living with your art.

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Registration starts in 2025.

Yes, please!

Finally! A course that tells you exactly how to get your work published.

“I'm so much more confident than I was before (taking the class.) 

I understand the value of planning my projects, always starting with the client in mind, and how important targeted work is.‚ÄĚ

- Henry Holland-Moritz (past student)

Find your Art Community!

Love talking about drawing? Need a little accountability to get projects done? Do you sometimes collect too many art supplies? 

Join the club!

As a member of the class, you'll be invited to the The Getting Paid to Draw Community Center. This members-only hub is a place to post your work, get feedback from other students, and get inspired. Find new your art friends. 

You belong here! 

Access to the Community Center is included with tuition.

Design an
Illustrated Map!

(or whatever makes you happy)


Students will create projects that fit with their style and favorite markets. Check out this awesome illustrated map that was created in class.


‚ÄúThis class has changed my approach to my work, how I present myself, and how I manage my time.‚ÄĚ

- Lauren Gertzman

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re going to love this course.

But, if for any reason you need one, you have two weeks from the start date to request no-questions-asked a full refund.
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Keep Building All Year

Your portfolio won't stop growing. In addition to lifetime access to all of the lessons, you'll also get this guide,

"TEN AWESOME PROJECTS For Your Illustration Portfolio." 

It will guide you through ten of the best assignments you can complete to have a stunning portfolio that attracts Art Directors.

Registration returns in 2025!

Get all eight weeks of Getting Paid to Draw 2024 for $1200 $960 if you choose the "One Time Payment" option.

You'll get all of the video lessons, projects, downloads, and more than 15 HOURS of bonus LIVE sessions.

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"Honestly this class was the best investment I could've made in myself and my illustration career.‚ÄĚ - Christopher E

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- That portfolio will help you get illustration clients!
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