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This is the ultimate guide to using Instagram as an Illustrator. Get your art out there and in front of Art Directors. Part of the "Getting Paid to Draw" series of books and classes about the business of Illustration.


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Written and Illustrated by Mike Lowery

Mike's a New York Times bestselling illustrator and children's book author, but he's also an avid sketchbook artist. He's been drawing in one every single day for the past TWENTY years. Now he's on a mission to get you to keep a daily sketchbook, too.

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It's much more important to develop as an artist and find a community than it is to just grow that number next to your name! This guide will help you how to navigate the weird world of Instagram.

Getting Paid To Draw is a fun and challenging six-week course in building a portfolio that attracts illustration clients.

It's the same process that Mike Lowery has used to land hundreds of projects with clients for the past 20 years.

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